Part of the name "Unique Annick Creations" came about through a fun way for people to learn how to pronounce my first name and later I added "Creations" to it as I am always making things.  
Pure and simply, creating is how I relax and feed my soul.
No matter how busy life gets, creating art is something I just have to do.

During the pandemic of 2020-2021, this was a great way to safely spend my time and thoroughly enjoyed helping many people brighten their lives through frequent Facebook and Instagram progress postings and doing custom work for clients.
I was fortunate to be associated with the Ontario Made group of manufacturers at its very inception as everything is made by me in Dundas, Ontario Canada.  

As of July 2021, I have embarked on a new career but as I have learned, I am at my best when I continue to create on weekends and holidays and so this site will continue to be a repository for my hobby items. Expect monthly updates of reasonably priced one of a kind handmade items that are sometimes both Art and functional.  
You can buy my items at

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